6 Books About Scientific Thesis Writing You Should Read

Academic papers play a crucial role in determining the fate of a student. Writing such research papers requires students to have adequate research skills and knowledge. One challenging part when writing a scientific thesis is the ability to gather relevant materials that will ease the research process. That is why in this guide, we highlight some of the best books you can draw inspiration from and learn how to write science-related academic papers.

What is scientific research?

Research is simply the process of gathering and organizing information in a given context to find solutions, prove a theory, or understand something. Therefore, writing a scientific dissertation involves identifying a gap in the scientific field, creating a suitable topic, and doing the research to establish possible answers to existing questions or to support or dismiss existing theories on a given topic or subject matter.

What is a thesis statement in science?

A scientific thesis statement is a simplified argument of the whole research paper, usually in one or two sentences. The ideas and context of the paper must align with the thesis statement you choose.

Types of scientific research

Under scientific thesis writing, we have different types of academic tasks, as highlighted below

  • Qualitative

This research focuses on data and not quantity. It is all about describing and explaining the data. Common research methods under qualitative research are interviews, case studies, and literature reviews, among others.

  • Quantitative research

This research project relies on numbers, just like the name suggests. Therefore, the research process may involve either counting or measuring data. Research methods under this category include observation, experiments, and surveys.

  • Mixed research

This research project involves both qualitative and quantitative research aspects.

  • Basic research

Also known as theoretical or fundamental research, basic research focuses on developing new scientific theories or reviewing existing theories with the aim of expanding human knowledge of the concept.

  • Applied research

This research has one main objective; solving an already existing problem using existing theories and knowledge.

Top 6 books about thesis writing you should know

If you are looking for a perfect guide you writing a compelling thesis, then you should consider the following books:

Surviving Your Dissertation

Published in 2015, Surviving your dissertation book was written by Kjell Erik Rudestam; Rae R. Newton to give appropriate answers to all dissertation writing processes.

What’s more, you will learn different types of research models and learn how to overcome stress when writing a thesis.

Excellent Dissertations!

Written by Peter Levin, this book helps students throughout the dissertation writing process by highlighting a clear plan to follow. Besides, you will get answers to common questions regarding dissertation writing, such as topic selection and dissertation length, among others.

Dissertation Desk Reference

If you are looking for a dissertation guide that will simplify the writing process, then you need to review this book written by Raymond L. Calabrese.

The guide highlights the different sections of a dissertation with top-selected examples you can refer to.

How to Write an Exceptional Thesis / Dissertation

Are you searching for a dissertation guide that will teach you how to organize your research materials, analyze the concept and see the bigger picture? Then you need this guide by J. S. Graustein. You can then be sure to produce a compelling and original dissertation.  

How to Write a Thesis

Just like the name suggests, this guide was written by Rowena Murray, describing practical tips and strategies that will help you write the best dissertation ever!

Dissertation Solutions

This guide will help you learn the basic skills and tools required to write a desirable dissertation, including the outlining process, research, and writing processes. What’s more, you will learn how to motivate yourself to finish your dissertation.


When it is all about dissertation writing, it can be challenging and overwhelming, thus leading to stress. As part of finding solutions to dissertation writing, consider trying the books highlighted in this guide for a smooth process.