5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Coping with Dissertation Stress

Just like any other academic task, writing a good dissertation isn’t an easy task. The task itself is overwhelming, and there is no doubt that students often make mistakes during the writing process. These mistakes can cause distress among students, better known as dissertation stress, since no student wants to fail or re-do the paper again.

However, the good news is that with proper strategies and measures, it is easy to manage and control dissertation stress by understanding the elements leading to such stress when writing a dissertation and avoiding mistakes early enough. Keep reading this guide to have useful insights on stress management dissertation.

What makes up a good dissertation?

Before we discuss how to manage stress of dissertation, let’s, first of all, understand the elements that make up a compelling dissertation. These elements include the following:

  • It follows the set writing guidelines or requirements
  • Outlines the objectives in a clear manner
  • Has a clear structure – well organized
  • A good dissertation is made up of strong points supporting the thesis (well-researched)
  • Demonstrates originality
  • It should be well-referenced (citations according to the requirements)

These are among the many other elements that will make your dissertation stand out.

How to handle dissertation stress

Sometimes, dissertation stress quotes and other stressors when writing a dissertation are inevitable. However, with the following approaches, you can handle such stress like a pro and bring out the best dissertation:

  • Start early to beat the deadline
  • Understand the assignment first
  • Take breaks
  • Keep your research materials and books organized
  • Create a plan to follow
  • Ask for dissertation stress help when you feel overwhelmed

5 Mistakes to Avoid when writing a dissertation

Some dissertation writers often make the following mistakes during the writing process, which make it a bit complicated to finish the project appropriately. Therefore, avoid these mistakes for a smooth writing process.

  1. Starting late

Even when you feel you are a pro, a dissertation is a big project that requires adequate time to prepare, gather resources, do research, and write. When you start early, you will have enough time to organize yourself and write the paper without feeling stressed.

  1. Selecting a wrong dissertation topic

The basis of a good dissertation is a good topic. In case you pick a weak topic, then your whole dissertation will be weak. Besides, you can exhaust all the ideas while in the middle of the research, thus feeling the pressure. Therefore, always select a researchable and interesting topic in your field of study.

  1. Writing a weak thesis statement

A thesis statement plays a big role in the details you include in your dissertation. All the points and details you describe in the dissertation should align with the thesis statement. If you include ideas that contradict the thesis statement, you are likely to lose track of your writing process, thus causing dissertation stress.

  1. Failure to create a dissertation outline

The number one secrete to writing a perfect dissertation on time is creating an outline that will guide you when writing the sections of the main dissertation draft for submission. Therefore as you plan the writing process, always include time for creating a detailed outline to escape dissertation stress.

  1. Not proofreading well

A dissertation being a big project requires adequate attention to detail. That is why proofreading after the writing process is essential. However, you can proofread but still get it wrong. Mistakes such as grammar errors, typos, plagiarism, and improper formatting can cost you a lot. That is why it is a good move to seek expert help when it comes to proofreading a dissertation paper.


How well are you prepared to write your upcoming dissertation? This guide gives you some insights into the mistakes you should take note of and avoid in advance.